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My name is Domingos Takeshita - TAK. Here I present Arapau´s Project, which is a series of albums using the comics language – created by me. I´m Brazilian, 50 years old and I work as a comics writer for projects for companies, Illustrator, Art Teacher and writer for more than 25 years. In 1988, I founded Estúdio Pinheiros where I provided comics courses until 2004. This studio was essential to the formation of a wide array of comics writers, illustrators, writers and other professionals that work country and worldwide. http://estudiopinheirosenglish.blogspot.com/

I´m widely experienced in projects for companies, always using the comics language. My work place :Nowadays I have a studio located in São Paulo/Brazil. A larger one is being built outside São Paulo, it will be ready on July, 2009. About the language, translations and contact:I am not fluent in English but I hired a professional translator´s services so, the best option for communication is by e-mail (taktakeshita@yahoo.com.br) using Portuguese, English or Italian languages. Thanks for your attention,


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TAK ‘s storiesIt´s about an interconnected Comics series, a collection. The “sceneries": The main of them is where the several characters live their adventures and is one of the typical large and almost uninhabitable remote places so called wilderness. Reflecting an exuberant beauty and having small towns, villages and farms, the wilderness and its inhabitants are going to be part of the stories’ development. The modern metropolis and its contradictory features will be available for appreciation in a wider context. The readers will get to know intra-terrain cities in the wilderness and its inhabitants also "traveling" to other planets and weird space and time dimensions. The several characters from Arapau series belong to these realities that sometimes are interconnected, making them part of very curious situations. I offer to my future readers the "reality view" of each one of these characters, showing their origins and interests that can be noticed when the matter is the humanity and our planet’s destiny. Below please find the selected parts of these stories.

In Tupi-guarani , the word Arapau means
the space between a time and another one. A time gap, a temporal lapse


A guy from a big city is about to jump from a building and finish his own life! Millennial inhabitants from intra-terrain regions, hanging around the Earth’s surface. A giant potato wearing a bow-tie, starting a new friendship with a plush pig wearing red shoes. A weird guy called Raul Amadeu, who lives in a misterious wilderness, and just loves to dress like a super hero. He is inching towards to notice that the world is being transformed in something really different from what he thought it would be, confirming what the ancient clairvoyants used to predict. Extraterrestrials in confrontation, some of them wishing to defend the Earth, others, aiming the planet’s domination. All of them, together with a bunch of people, living their lives that just don’t stop changing, interacting with each other in one great story! This is ARAPAU’s first album Have a nice trip,